What’s Your Company’s Social Personality?

Social media offers B2B companies an opportunity to put a face to their brand, something that is difficult to achieve through traditional marketing channels such as email and advertising.

“Your social personality gives your business its human voice and face on social networks,” said Heidi Cohen, Chief Content Officer for the Actionable Marketing Guide. “Your entire organization must understand it and be able to integrate it into their social media interactions.”

Cohen highlighted three ways B2B marketers can use social media to increase demand:

  • Spotlight customers to show your product in use and provide customer input as to why they chose to buy it. Think mini-case study.
  • Interview employees to give your business a human face. Let your employees be the area experts. Ask them to answer every customer question. People do business with people.
  • Associate with key influencers. Use interviews to provide valuable information to your audience.

“For social media, like other forms of marketing, it’s not just using a tactic but rather the quality and implement that yields success,” Cohen concluded.

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