Days turned into years and I’ve never noticed that it was four years ago when I had my last relationship with someone that I used to love before. Someone I thought that our love as real and now become a lie. For just blink of an eye everything was change.

We are like strangers with some memories. We screwed, hate and stabbed each other but the bottom line there is that I still love her and I really do. There’s one question on keep bothering me like “What If’s” and now I’m thinking about the possibilities of what might happen if I had a chance to fight our relationship till the last of our journey.

It would be the same or we have a great love story? Years had passed and I’m still jailed with the memories. But how can I move on if I’m on the process of forgetting. Always remember of what one song says “To forgive is to forget”.

Heartaches and griefs of mine are totally sinking and I realized that were not meant for each other. And now I’m looking for someone who can fill the emptiness within me. Someone who can accept being real me and someone who can walk with me throughout my journey.

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