Making a super-fast simple website

Probably one of the simplest websites out there. But there’s a little more going on behind the scenes than one might guess.

Designing the basics

font-size: calc(16px + 10vw);

Making it fast

  1. Host the font on my own server instead of Google Fonts. This sacrifices any chance of the font already being cached, but avoids an extra DNS lookup, SSL handshake, etc. Also, I’m still a bit unsure about the GDPR compliance of Google Fonts, althought this discussion suggests it should be fine.
  2. Subset the font. Since we only use the font to render the text “Jan Pöschko”, we only need a small fraction of its glyphs. Aggressive subsetting wouldn’t make sense for a (potentially cached) font on a CDN used for a lot of varying text, but that’s not the case here. So I used an online Font Subsetter with only the needed characters and then the woff2 tools to turn the resulting TTF file (still useful for older browsers) back into a (smaller) WOFF2 font (which works in all modern browsers). This brings the font size down from 17 KB to 2,132 bytes.
  3. Inline the font as a data URL. Since the font is now really small, we can inline it to save another network request — at least for modern browsers that support WOFF2. I still include a separate TTF URL for browsers that don’t support WOFF2. I used an online Data URL Maker for this. Base64-encoding the binary font data blows it up a little bit (to 2,867 bytes), but that’s still worth it.

Keeping it simple

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html

Measuring performance





Software developer at @WolframResearch, photographer, traveller.

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Jan Pöschko

Jan Pöschko

Software developer at @WolframResearch, photographer, traveller.

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