Snow days

My university doesn’t do snow days which is crazy since it basically snows from late October all the way till the end of April and we could use a break from it. Sometimes it still even snows into May! (Granted I never stay that long to find out) Either way I think that if it’s snowing then we should stay home, make some coffee, watch some Netflix and maybe build a snowman. (Cue Do you wanna build a snow man)

Being from Southern California we travel to go to the snow, I know it’s sorta crazy for everyone who gets snow outside their door and has to shovel it. BUT it really does happen, every year a bunch of people go up to the mountains whether it be Big Bear, Idyllwild, or Arrowhead to go and play in the snow. The funny part is that they also make artifical snow so its fluffy for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. I never once did any of those sports now that I think about it. Anyways, it’s a pretty big event to go up to the mountains to go and “see the snow” yet here in Canada playing in the snow isn’t so much a thing. Sure little three year olds bundled up like mummies go out and roll around in the white icy powder but anyone north of ten try to avoid it as much as possible.

This last Saturday night we got a monstrous amount of snow on campus so what does a homesick Californian do?

Emily Cortez official cold Californian

She plays in the snow.


Of course I didn’t go alone, with a team of first years who had nothing better to do but have an adventure we shuffled ourselves out into the wild Alberta snow which ended up resulting in a lot of failed selfies and thankfully an undamaged phone. We ate snow, cleared icy benches,(to which I did not participate in) and drew hearts and our names. It was of course time for more pictures.

Julia Curtis catching snow. Edited by Emily Cortez

After running around in the fluffy snow along with my companions we chatted a bit longer outside till we were all a bit too cold to be out there for much longer. With snow crusted hair, shoes and beards (Lee has the best beard, see attached photo) we went down to the basement of the dorm to watch a movie. I’ll refrain from giving you a long movie review of Boys of Summer but it was utterly fantastic and made me laugh, squirm, and reflect on my own ‘coming of age’ story. Absolutely recommend to watch it. That night taught me a lot, one of the lessons being that it’s okay to be yourself and surround yourself with people who are just as crazy and just as adventurous as you are. Sometimes we need a break from the hecticness of our lives that the little things, like playing in the snow really make a difference to how stressed you are. There are times we are so preoccupied with our jobs, our school-work and everything in between that we don’t see that we’re falling apart and often from the inside out. Stop and enjoy what you love doing whether that be writing poetry, riding your long board, or drawing make sure you do self care so you’re not falling apart. In college we joke that we live pay check to pay check or weekend to weekend but maybe we need to start living for the every day. Mundane days are only boring if you let them be, adventure doesn’t always need to be a group activity. Go out and explore on your own, you’d be amazed at what you’d find.

Best wishes,

Emily Cortez

The Fellowship of the snow


This is Lee, he’s the nicest and probably the most introverted guy I know. His beard and eyebrows are absolutely amazing and they caught a bit of snow.

This is Morghin, he suggested most likely the best movie I’ve seen in a while. He’s a singer, a guitarist and really freaking awesome.

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