The Cross We Carry

You’re climbing a mountain before the sunrise. The air is heavy in a thick fog of restlessness. You carry the weight of your clothes and everything that you could wear, troubles, worries, anxieties, fears, and despairs. You are weak with each step of the way up the mountain because pain is inevitably a part of the process. There will be scrapes and bruises along the way, and some hurts will become the scars of tomorrow.

You’re beginning to suffer the realities of the journey towards the top. You are alone, hurting and bleeding badly from the fall a few miles down. Despite the pain, you continue to move forward in the hope of safety from the dangers behind you. There are wolves below, howling for your defeat and a taste of your blood.

Your heart is heavier than before the previous step. Your breathing quickens as the pulse of your worries and fears double at the rate of your heartbeat. Sweats pour out of your body as every inch of your skin melt like air evaporating from the boils of your soul. The heat of your body increases despite the cool air temporarily reducing the pain and suffering as you begin to see through the fog.

The sound of defeat rings louder as you take the last step to reach the peak. There you are at the foot of the cross, falling on your face with your hands reaching for a grip of hope before death consumes you. This is your breaking point in which your body breaks, your spirit crumbles, and your mind unable to comprehend the glory of the cross as the sun rises before your eyes.

In that very moment, you understand the pain and the endurance that it takes to bear the cross. You take your final breath as a broken human being and stand up in the blood of Christ to renew your hope in the spirit of his love. You bear the cross and begin your journey back down into the valley of the wolves.