Power in Invisibility

For the small things are really the big things and the big things are really nothing. Society affirms that we measure our worth by the things we are able to obtain and the ability to gain validation from others. We don’t like to admit it but there is an unhealthy relationship between our worth and external validation. Social media has heightened the intensity by creating a generation of followers distorting our expectancies and realities; obliterating our core morals, values and inherent discrepancies.

What we consider freedom is to be a slave for money. We feel that chasing money and things will somehow vindicate our insecurities and make us successful. We find competition and comparison in others instead of holding ourselves accountable for defining our own success. We forget that being human is what we do best but we’ve forgotten how to human; we live for destruction.

We’re fighting to be seen, stepping on each other to be noticed and somehow the equivalence of importance is how many clicks on a post or a pic. Sometimes, I feel like the last of a generation who enjoyed playing outside as a kid or who knows what real hip hop is. What a time we live in, what have we become, where our President is a man like Donald Trump? I’ll tell you what… it’s a reflection of what our country has always been except that NOW, it’s no longer “hidden.” Affirmative action posing as a guise for equality is no longer the cover sheet for this repressive nation.

The chaos, the ignorance, the irreverence for human life, we have been desensitized and overexposed to negligence and degradation. We mistreat our souls and give our bodies up for adoption; to the highest bidder. We cry out Lord, Lord, but only use our faith as a last resort; who wants to be used as a last resort all the time? We project onto others how we truly feel about ourselves. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34) How do you speak to others? How do you speak about others? How do you speak to yourself? Do you do the right thing when no one watches?

Your body is a carrying vessel for your soul; but we anoint the desires of our flesh to our detriment. We look around to deflect and selfishness is our predicate. Flat tummy teas, IG modeling, trolling for clicks and likes but there is a flood of overexposure…of negativity and vanity.

The consumption of self demoralizes the true meaning of success. True success is shedding of ego; quieting the noise of our carnal desires and serving something much much greater than ourselves. Everyone does not have to know the good you do and who you serve. There are aspects of your life that deserve privacy, so spare your grief from attention. Stop allowing others to withdraw from you and leave their tainted deposits with you. True power for change and remedy start with your heart and soul; when your navigation is not guided or detoured by a monetary price or soulless compromise. Allow yourself to not always be seen or heard; for that is wisdom.

Always with Love.