We ran fast, with each step moving away from the sirens of the ambulance and fire trucks. We took off into the woods and the smell of smoke became more and more distant. I was exhausted, I turned to look at my daughter she was confused and she held tighter to her stuffed animal than my hand.

“Where to Pa?” she asked innocently.

To be honest I didn’t know the answer. Where do you go after you set your house on fire?

“Will ma be coming?” she continued..

“She’s already waitin’ for us Katie” I said confidently.

We sat down on a log and watched the city lights in silence. It was a hot night and the air was thick. I could make out Katie next to me, I put my pistol on her temple, I couldn’t even bring myself to press the metal onto her head.

I let the cold metal get warmed up in my mouth. I was tired of this sorry life, maybe it would be better for Katie if she remained here. I stood up and walked backwards. I changed my mind, this world was not good enough for my sweet Katie.

After all who would take of my baby, with her momma gone, roasted with her magazines and cigarettes.

This world had no room for innocents.

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