How do you define beauty?

Women must walk under the judging eyes of society.

Being scrutinized and labeled as people forget the notion of variety.

We must all fit the same bill.

It’s blown up and made into a big deal; the common view’s idea of acceptable.

Is a coke bottle figure and a flawless tone.

It’s marked in stone and to not be fit is a crime alone.

It’s unjustified.

To not be of one look is to be criticized.

And it’s critical, it’s unfair.

I know yall are aware that the idea of beauty being one look is rare.

Except nobody cares. It’s society’s standards right?

Those shunned in looks remain unnoticed hoping one day somebody might.

To enter the world as a woman has already been seen as a minority.

And to enter with a specific appeal has been ruled in by majority.

But what’s beauty?

A nice booty? A face with layers of make up.

And if she doesn’t fit the script her appearance is neglected and she’s told to get her cake up.

They’re like “baby where’s the glo-up?”

In reality today’s society needs to grow up.

Your beauty is within you you’re beautiful.

One that’s a kind of it’s own and that’s what makes you youtiful.

Smile with your head up I know the world can be hell.

Block out all judgement and refrain from your shell.

Beauty is you and you are beauty.

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