Who made that outfit?

By: Juan C. Niño

A woman sits; twelve hours straight.

Hands dry, fingers cracked, weak and bleeding,

get gloves now, feel no burn,

eye sight dry, bright blinding light, all night…

Take home some cents, take the change,

it almost covers the rent.

Breaking her back, tired bones, stiff neck

Sore muscles and a shitty check

Sweating, cutting, sewing.


Sweating, cutting, sewing.


Don’t stop, no complaining.

Make that blouse, make that dress

you won’t be able to afford it

can’t pay the price, but make it right

Work hard, work hard

While we make triple the cash,

go home, dragging,

trying to gather change for the stash

We sit in Fifth Avenue
it’s so charming, never see your face
but we do see the extra revenue,

love the cheap labor, thanks

for doing the dream a favor

Suffering, for the moneymaker

stunning outfit for the social crowd

Sweat, tears and pain for the lady, back breaker,

life changer.

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