And your claim he has none is emotion based, not factual.
Louis Weeks

No, you don’t name people with no knowledge, insight, or training to a position that requires such.

And your claim he has none is emotion based, not factual. As I already pointed out, Presidents are the ultimate National security officials and none of them have ever had a history of working in the industry, clearly that is not an issue, you are just trying to make it an issue as a childish excuse to attack Bannon.

Emotion based? Bannon’s background is readily reviewed. He has never had anything to do with cybersecurity, a pressing issue at this time. He has earned no government clearances, and so has not been vetted for access to the most secure information and the processes. These are facts, and elements that any logical person would think are significant considerations for an advisor on the National Security team.

He wasn’t appointed to be an information processor. His role is to craft policy and implement plans.

So you know Trump’s inside thoughts and know for a fact Bannon will be making all the National security decisions for America as you claim? Now you’re being foolish. At no point did I imply he would be making all the security decisions.

I think maybe you are once again making things up (telling lies) to give you an excuse to attack him, but I will give you a chance to justify your claim Trump has turned over all decision making over to Bannon, let’s see your proof? Now you want me to prove a point I didn’t make? I am beginning to think you are incapable of maintaining a sequential series of thoughts.

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