And your claim he has none is emotion based, not factual.
Louis Weeks

Sometimes, people eventually reveal themselves. ..
It’s sort of like naming a neurosurgeon to be in charge of HUD, because, of course, anyone with brains can run a multimillion dollar agency that is focused on processes and systems with which he has no familiarity.
Again, there are tens of thousands of bureaucrats all over Washington with more than enough knowledge to handle the paperwork and communications, it takes effective leaders to transform that information into leadership and change. Everyone Trump has nominated are proven leaders and skilled managers, all of these jobs are management jobs, any great manager can run these things, it is not rocket science, it is leadership, something America has been lacking at all levels of Government for a very long time now.

Aren’t those bureaucrats the ones you don’t trust, and the ones who have been screwing us over for years? You are now arguing against your own points. “Any bureaucrats” are exactly the problem. For years we have been appointing people on the basis that anyone can run things.

You are basing your opinions on wishful thinking.

I am basing my opinions of the fact these are proven leaders, skilled at breaking down the problems to the basics and ignoring the BS to get to the root of problems and fix them. They have successfully cut away the fat from many more complex industries and removed the waste and they can apply those same skills to Government as well.

You have no proof that the skills of business are the skills of government. In fact, great volumes have been written on the differences between the two brands of leadership. YOU ARE HOPING, an emotional response, and one that you have classified as childish.

You do realize this was one of Trump’s biggest promises too …. right?

Where, pray tell, can you make the claim that a former media exec is a planner and strategist of great acumen? That is just made up.

If you think it is so easy to build up any successful enterprise then you tell me what examples in your own life do you have to prove you know what you are talking about? How many millions have you earned?

You do not get to where Bannon is by not knowing top level management and tactics, Trump’s win was in a big part because of Bannon’s expertise. He is a brilliant man, you can disagree with him and his beliefs but to try and claim he is not one of the smartest men in Politics and tactics is simply childish. You can admit someone you do not like is skilled, there is no shame in that.

Plenty of people I don’t like are skilled. I don’t like Bill Belichick. He is very skilled. I don’t want him to be named Chief of Staff, because football isn’t government.

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