Putin Didn’t Do It
Dave Pell

Because I am from an odd pool of voters — those who are registered Republican, but who still believes that Trump is incompetent, dangerous, and embarrasssing, and therefere didn’t vote for him — I think it constructive to make a few points

for the good of the country.

1. If the MSM and the progressive cohort continue to act as if the GOP, the party in power everywhere, is going to let the Trump clumber toward impeachment, or worse, toward emasculation of its disruptive hijinks, then Trump wil be reelected in 2020.

2. If the calculated misdirection of the Trump White House continues to successfully deflect attention away from what the regime is actually doing, Trump will be ‘successful’ in creating the illusion of efficacy.

3. If the derogatory, dismissive, denigrating behavior continues to be the focus of the Progressive efforts to ‘restore’ the WH to its natural democratic glory, the GOP stands to continue to have a lot of success.

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