Because you say so, childish claim, not supported by any actual hard evidence as to why, just…
Louis Weeks

OK. Let’s do some grown-up specification. Putting Bannon on a National Security team is unprecedented because he is unfit to serve in that post.

Because you say so, childish claim, not supported by any actual hard evidence as to why, just because “you” say so.

The ‘hard’ evidence is that Bannon has zero experience or knowledge of national security issues, and held zero clearances prior to his being named. To point out or to maintain a claim of unfitness under these circumstances is neither capricious nor childish. Your apparent ignorance of his background suggests blind allegiance to anything that the President does, which is a childish position.

Nominating Flynn is another undisciplined, and unwise move.

Same childish unsupported claim.

Why in God’s name would I need to further support the notion that having to fire the appointee within weeks of his appointment, when his inappropriate conversations were clearly identified prior to his partisan confirmation serves as an example of undiscipined behavior is beyond me. (Methinks, Mr. Louis, that you are posing, and that you have no real basis for your position, but you feel that calling my comments childish will make it seem to be so.)

Naming DeVos, a woman who can’t acquit herself as even remotely informed on educational matters is overtly foolish.

Are you stomping your foot while you write this childish garbage?

Did you watch the Senate hearings? She was unable to articulate a distinction between achievement and growth. She could not articulate how IDEA applied to education. Don’t ask me for support of my contentions when you apparently haven’t done an ounce of homework.

Engaging in Twitter wars with TV shows and news outlets is beneath the dignity of the office.

Why? Because you say so? We had picture perfect professional Presidents before and they all screwed us over, yes they “look the part” but they still screw us all over. Everything you say is a child’s complaint, zero thought, all emotions.

Past Presidents have no bearing on those things that Trump has already mismanaged or mangled. His actions are his actions.

The ham-handed, forced, and irresponsible Executive Order regarding travel bans is a sign of incompetence.

I would agree Trump is not a professional Government politician who does everything perfectlym, but let me ask you a serious question and avoid all this childish garbage you are spouting.

The problems with these 7 Nations not being able to assist in vetting anyone who came to America from those Nations was decided not by Trump and his Administration, no, that determination was made under Obama. But Obama sat on that information and did nothing. does it not bother you that Obama knew there was no possible way to clear any person and he let them come anyway? Obama did not try to do anything to respond to a massive hole in safety and security of America for purely political correctness and you do not care?

As far as the rest of that garbage, you dodged every point made, go back, read my post and answer my points or be gone. I hate dealing with immature people like you.

Again, you have done nothing but accuse me of things that aren’t even remotely accurate. I AGREE that Obama did many inappropriate things. His actions are not related to my objections to Trump.

I will not go back and respond to points with which I agree. That defeats the point of an argument.

I repeat and maintain that you have no cause to classify my remarks as childish. You simply have no ability to refute my points, so you dismiss by making false claims.

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