Perhaps I was fooled too, but I saw it differently from both Carl S and the OP.
Charles Glenn

Charles, I respect your rationale, but still think you are badly mistaken. It’s been less than a week, and already the VP debate is a wisp of a memory. Kaine theoretically had to convince undecideds — of which there a are likely few — that he and Hillary are ‘safe’ when compared to Trump. He convinced only those who are already certain of that.

Pence had to present himself as sober, and poised, and an effective antidote to the cowboy ways of Trump. Pence needs to convince those who don’t like Hillary that the world won’t end if they choose Trump.

Kaine most assuredly did not exude ‘safe,’ while Pence definitely presented as ‘sober.’

Regardless, it’s already forgotten, except there is a lingering scent of creepiness that will follow Kaine.

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