An Open Letter to the Real GOP
Dave Pell


You are so remarkably wrong here — while obviously being right about Trump — that it is hard to fathom that I follow you and find you very entertaining most of the time.

Point the finger at the Democrat Party and the media, but mostly the Democrat Party. If Donald Trump is every bit as bad as you say — and he is — then all the Party needed to do was to run a decent candidate.

At the start of the election cycle, we heard all about the advantages enjoyed by the Democrats in regard to election figures. They had a burgeoning demographic of non-white voters who ought to slide left. They had young voters who have always historically swung left. They were so prettily situated in the Electoral College that something momentous had to occur to give the GOP even a whisper of a chance.

And then you nominated Hillary Clinton.

If there has ever been a modern day candidate whose tragic flaw is Ancient Grecian Hubris, it is Hillary Clinton.

The downfall of Hillary from the beginning, in my opinion, is that she operates on a platform of her own greatness, and superiority, and that arrogance and condescension is the root cause of Hillary hate.

So don’t blame the Republicans — soft or hard liners: the blame goes to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Clinton machine, in that order. The DNC lied, cheated, and colluded to nominate Hillary, and kissed her smug, self-righteous posterior at every turn. They validated her belief that she can do as she pleases, because she is Hillary G_D D_N Clinton, and you are not.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and many others are objectionable and demonstrably cowardly, but the primary blame goes to a Party that can’t come up with a candidate to defeat the abomination that is Donald Trump. Joe Biden, as flawed as he is, would have already started the moving process into the White House.

Trump won the nomination because the media gave him free 24/7 coverage, as they were led to believe that Trump was the only one of 17 candidates who always lost to Hillary in general election polls. Then Hillary’s natural arrogance and ineptitude created a path for a Trump victory.

True facts.