The Perils of ‘The Perils of “Privilege”’
Diane Shipley


I haven’t read the book yet, but I will. I take issue with one point, and maybe it is minor. To say that calling out privilege is a call to do better, and not to shame, is simply a bald-faced lie in terms of how the tactic is employed in discussion threads and in ‘opinion’ pieces throughout media.

You may not mean it that way, but you are incorrect, and demonstrably so, if you try to maintain that the weaponizing of privilege claims is really what this is all about.

In short, the minute a discussion or argument is challenged on the basis of priivilege, the purpose is to discredit the point of view being presented. Consequently, the immediate aim is not to show that we can do better, but to tell the speaker or writer that he or she is incapable of effectively considering or addressing an issue. His or her privilege is the albatross, and the mariner can pray all he wants, the carcass of the bird is not going to fall from his neck.