Good for them. Seriously. Now, tell me if they are shifting away from using coal or other fossil fuels for their energy? You see, the tree planting is great, and if they continued that each day until all available space was dedicated to vegetation, and if they made significant moves to reduce their own dependence on fossil fuels, and if every other country in the world agreed to do the same, then it would be obvious that scientists and governments feel it possible to reverse the negative effects.

However, what is really going on is that the US is being asked to lower its quality of life — compromise its citizens’ money — in order to level the playing field.

Finally, I have looked, show me the NOAA study which concretely provides a viability and efficacy analysis for any of the proposals put forth.

The NOAA, as powerful and enlightened as it is, has been unable to produce a reliable climate model, or a reliable predictor for many of the strategies. And it’s not because of a lack of knowledge, skill, or because of political propaganda influencing their projections (although I think that happens sometimes). It’s because they are trying to factor variables that they don’t even know about for sure.

It’s a planet. Tiny in terms of the universe, but pretty huge compared to you and me.