Carl Sandburg was famous American poet who died in 1967.

He is nobody important. He just has a famous name. In addition, nobody schools Carl Sandburg, whose most famous poem is actually “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed,” a tribute to Abraham Lincoln after his assassination. “Chicago” is also rather famous.

This Carl Sandburg also writes poetry, like this:


It is a pulsing pageant of clichés,

A Made In All-American parade

Of home-baked apple pies and backyard games.

“A shame it is Aunt Lottie’s passed away!”

“I say, it’s such a shame!” Then louder still…

But Uncle Bill, a great third cousin will

Not hear or understand. He’s far away,

Upon the poolside lounger drinking sun,

Attending splendid picnics, long since paste,

Though he sees Diamonds, baseball mitts and bats

The rough-edged belfry, houses, all that’s past.

They heed the promise of the day, they come

In caravans from all across one place,

To drink the hours dry before they’re done

With Milk and Honey smiles on each face.

“And man alive, it seems like forty years!

Just how long has it been?”

“I’d say pret’ near

To ten,” Aunt Lottie’s poor health kept us home”

“There’s good and bad in every human song,

No matter if it’s blues or rack and roll…

My blues have passed away, so now I come.”

An orchestra of family, old and young,

With white-haired granma’s, newlyweds, and some

Great whirls of toddlers, living dustballs run

And fight and play through tunnels of bright shorts –

Bermuda yellows, reds, and cotton skirts

Attached to older voices tying days

Together, like the tails of paper kites,

Since last year’s grand display of family might.

But paper kites get torn and fly away,

Because the wind’s too strong, and winds they change,

Regardless of our whims — — and strings they break.

“We’ve all seen kites fly higher, then away”

“Do they find homes? They’re never seen again.”

And neither do some members of the clan

With names so faint, they’ve no distinctive marks.

Then almost not remembering depart,

Disperse, and dissipate. They slowly go,

Exhausted and enlivened. Next year’s show…


Have a nice day.

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