A Gentle Reminder That Jesus Was A Brown Middle Eastern Refugee Who Would Not Have Voted For Trump
Sara Benincasa

I am not sure you can so easily count Jesus as a liberal. Surely, Jesus didn’t preach that government was responsible for social engineering. He thought the Church should do that. Likewise, the whole ‘render unto Caesar’ soundbite suggests a certain animosity toward the closest equivalent to a federal government that Jesus would have known. Even worse, the local government wanted to kill him shortly after he was born. You think Jesus would have voted for Herod, or Caesar, or Pontius Pilate?

You show a weakness of thought when you make sweeping statements like this.

Despite being a rebel, Jesus shared more than a few values with the conservative soul. He would have identified with the conservative tendency to elevate the individual to great importance. He would prize freedom in a multitude of ways. He would have had great distrust for the Pharisees, people like the Liberal elite who believe they have the authority to dictate so much about how people should live.

No, I am not claiming Jesus as a conservative, as he would certainly have rejected the rigidity of the evangelical, orthodox approach, and their tendency to be judgmental of others. Nevertheless, he would have embraced the evangelical proclivity for believing there is a way to live by faith, and principle, and to demonstrate one’s faith by his works.

Not so simple to assign Jesus to an ideology.

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