Senate Should Promptly Confirm Betsy DeVos
Sen. Lamar Alexander

I have been a Republican voter for all my voting life, though at the state and local level I have voted for Democrats occasionally. This year, I voted third party, because while Donald Trump has all the topics right, I don’t agree with his proposed solutions.

Anyone who listened to DeVos’ hearing before the Senate should vote against her on the following grounds: she demonstrated a lack of knowledge of the context, range, and scope for public education. Further more, she demonstrated a lack of committment to the task and responsibility of a cabinet position by choosing not to prepare for the hearing.

Even if she is an expert on charter schools, and even if charter schools really can provide genuine solutions to the education challenges that face this country, the MAJORITY of students will be educated in public schools throughout the four or eight years that DeVos has been nominated to serve. Her lack of knowledge of public schools is evidence of contempt toward the institutions over which she would preside, and commensurate contempt toward the students who populate and rely on those schools.

As to the Republican legislators who are choosing political fealty to rational thought, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. DeVos didn’t acquit herself well before the Senate: she declared herself guilty of ignorance and the same type of entitlement and superiority that undermined the Hillary Clinton campaign.