An Open Letter To Those Praising The New York Times ‘Tomboy’ Piece
chase strangio

I have but two reasons to classify, label, and discriminate negatively in your direction: you are a lawyer and a Pats fan. Other than that, you’re good to go with me.

Your article, however, is nonsense. I read the article from the mom. While it is self-serving to some extent, it is definitively NOT about being white, privileged, superior, or any kind of phobic (something implied, not stated.)

People make harmful, potentially destructive judgments when they act upon conclusions they have drawn.

In simple terms, any people who do not conform to expectations are faced with backlash. That is an unfortunate fact of human nature. The mother’s lament, however, is that that same proclivity to label, and then shame, has prompted current offenders to jump to another wrong conclusion.

People take far more grief, for far less offense, than they ought to. This mother ought to be embraced as yet another solider in the war against empty-headed bigotry of one form another.

You instead essentially make her an enemy, because you think she is co-opting your victimhood.

Stop it.

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