Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

I hope you feel better, because truth be told, you have gotten almost all of the important stuff wrong.

I was one of those who let my country down by voting third party. Yes, in the end, my vote was ‘wasted.’ except that I would have abstained before voting for either Trump of Clinton.

It is NOT in the best interests of the country to vote against one reprehensible human being in order to elect another reprehensible.

No, Trump is not worse than Hillary. To make such an assertion is to say that death by arsenic is better or worse than death by cyanide. When the Venn Diagram has DEATH in the middle for what they have in common, who cares what makes them different.

Arguably, Clinton’s decision to put herself above the responsibility of the office is far worse than vulgarity or coarseness. Is Trump’s symbolic representation raw sewage for you? Okay, then Hillary is pond scum — not the newly-formed kind, but the boggy brand that has been festering and increasing in potency since delivering the commencement speech at some elitist college fifty years ago.

Long before November 8th, I resigned myself to disappointment and anxiety over the Inauguration of one objectionable person or another. I did a Pontius Pilate routine by voting for Gary Johnson. It was a complete cop-out, in that I knew he couldn’t win. But it was not pride, and it was not self-righteousness that directed my finger to the Libertarian button. It was faith.

I believe that the system of checks and balances, and the limtiations on the power that the President wields will be enough to curtail the majority of the excesses; that the GOP willingness to distance themselves from Trump in the run-up to the election will serve as a harbinger of their formal and official resistance to Trump’s inevitable instances of incompetence or overreach. I believe that if he steps beyond the bourne of the office, he will be censured and potentially impeached by his own party.

For those who point to the politics of capitulation that has also been prevalent lately in regard to Trump, I say at least we have reason to believe that the GOP will not summarily cave in the face of Trumpian Demagoguery. Can we point to any real instance of open and honorable condemnation of Hillary’s mistakes and bold assertions of entitlement?

I voted third party, and let the chips fall where they may. If the system is not capable of reining in an out of control Trump, I am not sure that an emboldened and empowered Clinton would have been any less dangerous.

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