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I am absolutely sure you have met obnoxious people who happen to be white, and because a higher percentage of the population is white, you may have even met more obnoxious people by a long shot. White people, however, do not have a monopoly on rude, discourteous, condescending, and haughty. I offer no excuses for the rotten behavior. My point was to counter the notion that women of color are automatically disrespected. In a dominant white culture, women of color are very often admired and emulated throughout the culture, not only by other women of color.

In short, generalizing that all white women are demeaning of women of color is false, and a matter of perception, in my opinion. I am a conservative white guy who happens to attend church. I am the last wholly unprotected class in this country. You can pretty much say whatever you want about us, and we have no recourse. As a result, I will speak my piece without reservation.

Have a nice day.

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