I heard something disturbing during the #GRAMMYs commentary…

Lemonade didn’t win album of the year because it appealed more strongly to about 20% of the population, while Adele’s 25 appealed to the 70% of the population who pay attention to music.

Rap and hip hop get a huge percentage of the attention from the PC media, but that artifically inflated hype belies while it beguiles. Far more people listen to country music across the US, and yet country music artists have not been winners of the album of the year. Instead, there is a country music album category that almost guarantees that for the purposes of the Grammy’s, the country music industry will remain a niche industry.

I have a number of close family members who have praised the album, Lemonade, to the skies, and have prompted me to listen to it multiple times. While I can pass no judgment on its quality as it serves as an example of the genre, I can bring some literary expertise to the topic and tell you that it is lyrically unimpressive. Yes, the artist is talented, and there are motifs and homages to philiosophical depth, but there is no escaping the fact that much of the hype is just hype. I have nothing terrible to say about the ablum. It’s OK. But OK shoudn’t win album of the year.

In simplest terms, Adele’s performance is better, aesthetically, vocally, and musically. Beck’s was likewise better. Your complaint is valid as soon as Taylor Swift’s similarly popular but artistically unimpressive winning album is concerned.

  • Disclaimer: The previous is the opinion of one guy. I find Beyonce to be talented, beautiful, charismatic, and over-hyped. The first three are defining characteristics and praiseworthy; the fourth isn’t her fault. It’s yours.
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