My goals are to
Amber York

My goal is to state my truth, and to expose the propaganda that has become so widely accepted that fallacies are taken for fact.

I honestly think your stated goals are great. I reject the premise that the way to do this is to fan the flames of outrage, to victimize the people you seem genuninely to want to help, and to make false claims to support the narratives.

The dearth of literature by minorities from 1650–1950 is directly correlated to opportunity. Heck, finding quality writing from women duirng that period is difficult, and women weren’t as subjugated as the minority population.

Perhaps racism was the primary reason for the lack of opportunity, not just for publication, but for the education and training that tends to increase the development of great talent. Either way, we can’t go back and pretend that the curriculum is still racist in its composition. While I was in the classroom, textbooks made an obvious effort to ‘diversify’ the text selections. Unfortunately, the included items were often less than great. I taught some of them, but eventually replaced them with better, more insightful, and more rigorous selections.

I think articles like yours are potentially more divisive than they are constructive. We really have two disparate states of race relations in the country. Minorities who live in rurual and suburban America are not facing the same struggles that urban minorities are. I live and work in an area where daily life is not clouded over perpetually by racism.

My goal is to try to show that there are more truths out there than are given proportional coverage.

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