Win, Lose or Draw in 2016: Republicans Should Focus on Governing from Congress
Grover Norquist

“For 60 years — from 1932 to 1994 — that was a mute question for Republicans. They “knew” they could “never” control the House and Senate. Democrats held the House for 60 of those 64 years and the Senate for 53 of the 64 years.”

No, the question was probably ‘moot,’ not mute.

“…subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty, and typically not admitting of a final decision. — - "whether the temperature rise was mainly due to the greenhouse effect was a moot point" — -synonyms:debatable, open to discussion/question, arguable, questionable, at issue, open to doubt, disputable, controversial, contentious, disputed, unresolved, unsettled, up in the air — -"a moot point"

Mute suggests the inability to speak, and questions, being inanimate, are incapable of speech by definition.

You make yourself, and the party to which I would like to subscribe, seem even more foolish with mistakes such as this one.

Yes, the GOP should govern through Congress, but the agenda should be predicated on agreed upon principles, not purity tests, or petty posturing.

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