GOP Health Bill Dies Due To Preexisting Condition — It Was Rotten To Its Core
Allan Ishac

Nobody performs triage on anyone or anything in the context that you use it. Triage is a process for ensuring that that most critical injuries are treated first. Those that are not likely to be fatal are treated later.

If the bill dropped dead, its place in line would be forfeited while the body is taken to the morgue.

With that in mnd, please note that for all intents and purposes, ACA has pancreatic cancer, the one from which no one recovers. As awful as the Republican bill apparently is, ACA would not meet the thresholds for care. Against economists’ recommendations, the healthcare program has been flown from England, even though it is unable to see, hear, eat, or breathe on its own. Its parents, nevertheless, are fighting to encourage legislators to approve and apply experimental and never before tried procedures to prolong the life of the vegetative child.

That’s the truth.