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Ok, I get it. Trump said he would be doing this, but instead he’s doing that. Isn’t he a hypocrite?

Yes, He is.

So are you. You didn’t give a crap that Obama liked to golf, telling anyone who would listen that it wasn’t a big deal.

You were right then.

Think about that.

Focus your efforts on the things that Trump is doing or not doing that are significant. It’s not as if he’s not giving you ammunition.

I don’t care about golf, or hobnobbing with rich people. I didn’t care about Obama’s or Hillary’s $5,000 a plate events either.

I do care about ineptitude, and about the sophomoric but troublesome performances from Stephen Miller. I care about Flynn’s resignation for BOTH reasons: the leaks and the breaches of security, protocol, and disclosure.

Stop focusing on the petty crap and stay zoomed in on the corruption and incompetence, as well as the abuses of power.

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