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OK. So what do you want the majority demographic to do after he or she recognizes the advantage of being among the majority in his or her country?

Should I refuse the admission to the program? Should I refuse the promotion? Should I not change the job to pursue my dream because my advantage may harm some unknown person whom may or may not exist at that particular moment in time.

Sociology says that the majority demographic enjoys advantages because human nature and familiarity bestows those benefits invisibly.

Even if everyone is cognizant, and acknowledges them, what do you want him or her to do?

The discussion of white privilege is farcical, not because it doesn’t exist, but because the ‘solution’ is for people to somehow see the invisible and to act upon it by not doing what they can to take care of themselves.

Many people are altruistic and kind all the time. Asking for all of humanity to exhibit such traits is naive.

America is no different from other countriies is this regard.

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