So the author who wrote a column proving herself wrong blocks me for noticing?
Carl Sandburg

She then doubles down on the error by writing to me via email, but maintaining the blocked status, and acts as if I am supporting Sanders — which I am not — and suggesting that I need to do research to see the illogic of the original post.

You can attack Sanders. You can lament the damage he has done to the Democratic Party. You can lobby for him and his supporters to wizen up and stop disrupting the necessary rejuvenation of the Party and its ideology and its strategy. I was on board with all of those ideas.

My challenge was quite simply that you can claim that division within the Party is essentially non-existent, or illusory, or insignificant when your column very specifically points out that Sanders objectives and his supporters have attached themselves like parasites to the Party, and are destined to kill it, unless the organization can figure out a way to jettison him and his retinue.

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