How Pussy Won
Dave Pell

Tactically, and strategically, this is sadly probably more true than most of the other rationalizations that have been made about why Hillary lost. Hillary lost at least partly because Trump’s list of blemishes were continously shape-shifting. Voters were constantly being made to overlook and minimize yesterday’s pimple because today’s blackhead seemed more important and prominent. The effect is that to his supporters, Trump only ever had ONE pus-filled abomination — the latest one.

However, the real reason that Hillary didn’t win is the real reason that Trump did. Despite thirty years in the spotlight, and despite a campaign to cast her as the penultimate example of the perfectly-qualified Presidential candidate, Hillary proved to be unlikeable. In fact, the supposed moniker of ‘most qualified’ was undoubtedly more of a kiss of death than a recommendation. You see, a larger than expected demographic wanted anything except Hillary. They wanted anything but the person who was ‘qualified.’

Think how difficult millions of people found it to support Hillary. To rationalze the notion that Trump is not incompetent and potentially dangerous as a statesman, commander-in-chief, and executive officer, these people had to fabricate reasons or ways to delude themselves that there is hope that Trump won’t be awful.

That’s how bad Hillary is.