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The problem here, in my opinion, is that mere association with the activists, or the movement, filters the pictures and renders the subject incapable of objective reactions, observations, or plans.

Women in the US who subscribe to no affinity with feminism seem to have the easiest time of it, in my opinion. They take advantage of the positive and unprecedented opportunities and advantages which American women enjoy, without any of the anger that proceeds from focusing on the very real boundaries and limitations.

The problem isn’t that the activists are wrong; they rarely are. The problem is that the act of protesting and ‘raising awareness’ creaes an element of exclusion that prevents the activists from being able to gain an unflitered view of the world.

Meanwhile, the women — or gays, or Blacks, or Hispanics, or other minority — who ignore, or who seem to be oblivious to the instances of discrmination — they are the ones who are healthier, happier, and most stable and secure in the personhood.

Yes, I guess it’s a conundrum. None of the people I know who are intently focused on the limitations imposed are EVER able to appreciate the improvements, or the progress. Sure, they will give lip service acknowledgment that some of the ceilings have been raised, and some shattered, but they experience no real joy, or freedom, or excitement in knowing that the world is getting better in many ways for their cause.

I don’t advise anyone to stop being aware, or to stop advocating for themselves or for others.

I am telling everyone to try to find a way to dispense with the perpetual anger, and the anxiety, and the suspiciousness — that all people and agencies that aren’t overtly and aggressively on your side are necessarily conspiring against you. It is NOT the fault of ALL WHITE people that their majority status saddles them with responsibility for not having redressed all the bigotry, hatred, and discrimination of the world.

The individual is the problem and the solution, in the end. Not the group. Groups obscure the traits of humanity, or the elements that constitute being humane, or altruistic, or nobly compassionate. Every additional member of a group or a cause or a movement incrementally diminishes the ability of that group, movement, or agency to act in a sympathetic or empathetic manner.

The group provides obscurity and cover for the individual soul, and allows the single entity to avoid holding counsel with himself and his conscience.

Beware the group.