You started by claiming that liberals were at fault for anti-civil rights activism.

“The right wing resisted; it still resists.” — Urgelt

This is the statement to which I offered a rejection. As you see, there is no nuance here. In your brief response to some other crazy, you attributed the depth, breadth, and scope or racism and bigotry to one side of the aisle.

I mentioned that Democrats, who are on the LEFT, were part of the anti-Civil Rights faction.

From there it deteriorates. I point out that we are using the same words or classifications, but meaning different things, while you accuse me of either ignorance, stupidity, or both.

You then ramble through explanations of things like a senile social studies teacher, even though I generally know these things — and agree with you.

You may choose to retort with another lecture if you wish, but I confess I read only a small part of this last one, and will not trouble myself to read more. You win, whatever it is you wish to win.

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