Why I am Skeptical of White Liberals in the Black Lives Matter Movement
Emma Lindsay

There is no pain to being the majority demographic, other than the pain that is claimed and nurtured by propagators of white guilt and their evil cousins in the victimization industry. No one can or should separate himself or herself from the opportunities that he or she can access, whether they are a benefit that is conferred on the basis of race, pigmentation, gender, or orientation.

That is not to advocate for a callous disregard for others. Rather, those who have opportunities can elevate the quality of themselves and the world around them by maximizing their opportunities.

Opportunity is like love. My optimization of my opportunity does not preclude someone else from taking advantage of his or hers. Each time my family added a child, we found a way to confer the same amount of love on the next child as we did on the previous.

Instead of cultivating guilt, the message should be that those who achieve through good fortune, hard work, or great genetics ought to focus their efforts on helping other people to exploit their own chances, skills, abilities, and knowledge bases.

Of course, some may read this as an apology for white privilege, but I don’t see how I can benefit others — ever — by not taking full advantage of every single opportunity I get.

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