Race, Education, and Donald Trump
Amber York

This article has some salient points and informaiton, but it is held together by too much hogwash, in my opinion. While it is true in America that the ‘victors’ write the history as they do in every other country, I dispute the notion that a) teachers are automatons who blindly teach what the textbook says, and b) teachers are perpetuating biased and self-serving white supremacy lessons.

I taught 23 years of American Literature. Yes, it was dominated by white men, and that is largely a statement of the prevailing truth in publication. The fact is that there was decidely not a surplus of great writing by minoriities. I am sure people can find examples of great writing by people of color, but the truth is that those instances of opportunity for non-white writers was very limited. Of course, this dynamic endured for many years.

The textbook industry is biased, corrupt, and fulled with ulterior motives. But the real reason the system is not doing its job as well as it should is that math and reading, for the past tweny years almost, has been the measured indicator for success. Schools do not demand mastery of an understanding and exercise of the demands of citizenship.

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