The Irony of Trump
Joel Looper

This is a good article in that it exposes the duplicity of the oligarchs. However, the realtionship between illegals and the Hillbillies (sic.) mentioned by JD Vance is not necessarily mutualistic, or complementary, or even parallel.

The hillbilly conundrum is that they have not embraced the path to success being paved with educational bricks. Rather, their post WWII grandparents or great-grandparents entered the lower middle class without the benefit of even a HS education, sometimes.

The ‘truth’ that they established, and passed along as a legacy, is that if one is willing to become an automoaton on and assembly line, or endure the physical demands of some of the classic craftsmen trades, such as carpentry, or masonry, they could join the middle class. They taught their children that they could enjoy stability and success without college debt, and quite possibly without expensive training programs.

Today, that cohort wants a return of the manufacturing infrastructure, while the illegals haven’t gotten that far. Instead, the illegals are in direct competition with the displaced group, as they are willing to do a multitude of jobs, including those that their rivals are clamoring to return. The illegals will gladly endure tough lives and vocations so that their descendants can prosper. The illegals are willing to be a stepladder or trampoline, and fully expect to send the next generation to the education pipeline.

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