Make The US Citizenship Test A High School Graduation Requirement
Shiva Bhaskar

To be honest, a comprehensive test of “Civic” topics ought to be a graduation requirement. I have been in public education for 34 years, and I think it stands to reason that such a requirement will have a significant effect on the course of the country, from how people choose their respesentatives at the local, state, and federal level — to how people respond to the implementation of laws that are often contrary to the principles of the Constitution.

I have an older brother who has asked me a number of times why our HS graduates are so ignorant of history and governemnt. My answer is that these subjects are taught and tested, and a decent percentage know their history well. The problem is that there is no compulsion, no requirement, no perceived degree of importance. So, while most pass the tests at the time, there are no repercussions to remaining ignorant, or to not being well-informed after the material has been taught and tested.

How much does anyone remember of HS biology, or Chemistry five years after graduation? Geometry?

Those subjects are tested in the same way, with the same attitudes and perspectives.

It is not surprising that many don’t remember their civics. They don’t participate.

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