Fact Checking Meryl Streep’s Speech
Jay W. Cobb

Why would anyone owe Donald Trump an apology? Did he mock a reporter? Of course, he did. I know, I know, there’s a video or two making the rounds purporting to show that Trump also mocked other people in a similar fashion.

Logic Alert! Maybe the real objection is that we should prefer our Presidents to hold themselves above mockery of any kind while they make their respective case? I don’t care a whit whether Trump imitated the disabled reporter. He certainly mocked him, and a general, and every one of the people who ran against him in the primary and the general election.

Lest someone decide to cast me as a disgruntled Democrat and Hillary apologist, let me clearly reject that characterization. I found the instances where Obama belittled, denigrated, and insulted his opponents just as disgusting as Trump’s entire campaign.

My only consolation in accepting Trump’s victory is reveling in Hillary’s loss.

I honestly hope that Trump figures out how to do the job, for the good of the country, but so far I take solace in one thing: I think he has the TOPICS right. I have no faith that his solutions to issues are good ones, but at least he seems to be willing to deal with terrorism, immigration reform, tax reform, the limping economy, and myriad other issues, including the necessary therapy for the entitlement programs. They may not be on death’s door, but they are not vibrant and healthy either.