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You have been duped by Obama to the highest possible degree. I will not make a case against his character. It seems that he is a decent man, a good husband and father, and a person with convictions.

He is also a ruthless politician who has taken risks and has not always been successful. The Obamacare debacle may have been well-intentioned in his mind, but it was passed in a bit of political opportunism, without any attempt at compromise or conservative input or oversight. Of course, such deals have been made in the past in just such a manner. The ruthlessness is seen in the willingness of the President to rush a bill through without any analysis or evaluation, with the manipulation described by Gruber to try to ensure full dependency that would make repeal or even sever overhaul almost impossible.

The heavy-handed draw down of our military is another instnace of political ruthlessness. Again, there was no effort at compromise. In fact, at every turn, the President’s strategy has been to perpetually campaign, to case his ideas as intellectually superior and incontrovertible. Any resistance by the other side was not discussed and debated. In every case, the response to GOP rebuttal or argumentation was blatant condescension, denigration, and then dismissal.

Even today, most liberals or progressives, after eight years of character assassination, believe that EVERY conservative is a Neanderthal racist, Islamaphobe, misognynist. The worst of the GOP and the Tea Party is now attributed to the entirety of the right side of the aisle. It has been Obama’s strategy from his first day to convince the entire left side of the aisle that conservative is a perjorative of the worst kind, and that anyone who is dubious about progressive principles must be mentally incapable or unstable or both.