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What the Heck is Butyrate and How Can It Save Your Brain and Improve Your Mood?

What the…?: No, it’s not the latest man-made psychedelic. It’s something your body produces naturally when you eat.

What the Heck is Butyrate?

What Does Butyrate Do in the Body?

Butyrate is used for energy, especially by mucosal cells that line the wall of the colon. These cells get about 70% of their energy needs from butyrate. This is a major reason why a high fiber diet is associated with greater colon health.

How Can It Save Your Brain and Improve Your Mood?

How Can You Boost the Butyrate in Your Body?

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“Finally, we will summarize the current evidence that high fiber, butyrate-producing diets are capable of improving the health of our brains.” Megan Bourassa et al 2016

Don’t wait for a butyrate-based drug “someday.” Today you can start to boost your brain health and mood (as well as your colon health) by boosting the butyrate circulating in your body.

This graphic shows “various proposed mechanisms in which butyrate may influence brain health in a number of different neurological disorders” due to eating a high fiber diet. It is from Bourassa et al 2016.


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