Weekly Mix: 3 Picks of Poetry

In the Weekly Mix we feature 3 top-hit poems published by The Poetryhood.

Photo credit: Rachel Chisholm

Kabul and her Children

By Trayle Kulshan

The unemployed beside the destroyed
not sure who is who
between buildings or boys.

Bullets and rubble fill dusty pakols
wool, beaten and woven
to block dirty snow’s cold.

Burqua crossed eyes, the color of sky
womens’ enigma,
both freedom and sty.

Engulfing them slow
crawling up from below
this motherful city
hiding what’s
within silent grey mystery
looking upwards
past something
that destroyed joy
by her woe.

Photo credit: Raghdan Abu Hassan

Everyone is Talking about the War

By Raghdan Abu Hassan

There are some that control 
the world that we know.
There are some that we see 
and there are some that we don’t.

They control what is done,
our light is their sun.
They decide who we be
and who we can become.

The only thing yours 
is your soul and your will;
nothing can stop you,
no one ever will.

However there is He,
he who can.
Strange as can be,
he could be a man.

A man, not a god;
maybe by definition.
He’s a dying dormant denying our desires and defying our declarations and diplomacies.

He is a man, so strong,
our deaths are similar concerns to our disturbing doubts, deeds, and dystopic dire dependencies.

We lay a mere game in front of his 
dark damp dirty deteriorating dispositions.

Do you know his dice? 
No, his die
could dispose, delay, set dead 
to all our days, danes and deviant daughters.

Only “He” can do things,
that we dare don’t.

Such as kill, compose, curate, and contain.
He can care for our enemies and burn our friends,
butain after butain after butain.

Photo credit: John Cobb

Loving Beyond Limits

By Saachi Devnani

My definition of love
starts and ends with you,
nothing beneath and above
will ever be so true.

Without the need to search,
my love story was written
giving a space to perch
with romance it was litten.

Painting my life with beauty,
creating a masterpiece,
you’re my priceless reward,
I’d hold on to for eternity.

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