Who We Are (after Ke$ha)- Sean Patrick Mulroy

“It is senior year and everybody has a crew, even the gay kids like me. The small town, southern, high school trickster gods. You will know us by our velocity, or by our pleather trench coats. Tonight, the cell phone is a relatively new piece of technology and the iPod is just a dream so I will almost crash my car 3 times while trying to change the music on my DiscMan from Tori Amos to a different Tori Amos. Tonight: my girl Kicksie has stuffed herself into something obscenely gold. A too-tight leopard tube top teenaged tits defiant slicked with glitter. Tonight, I am wearing white eyeliner. On my lips. Because I want to look my best for Russ, the hunky emo kid from the trailer park with eyes like stormclouds. His best friend Josh and my friend charlie are racing shopping carts down the hill tonight, they’ll break their ankles while Mike works magic to five finger an entire sewing machine. But we steal more hearts than DVDs tonight. And we steal a lot of DVDs tonight. Like lips smacking on a diet mountain dew, like hey, we’re gonna throw a rave in this abandoned house we found off 17th you wanna come? Like we’ve got a battery powered boom-box, a roadside cannon, necklaces, party city glow sticks and SO much hairspray. Tonight we live to devastate our haters. Leaving two burning tire treads over the faces of everyone who wants us dead. You know they want us dead. The South (or my town), it swallows up whatever queer that it can catch. I watched so many boys drown trying to swim the river of my hometown. I swore I’d only cross it once, and that’s to leave. And isn’t that just like a witch. To take off, like I’m being chased. To know their God for who he is but still rock Jesus on our necklaces (es-es-es). This is who we are. Who we are. Standing at the crossroads of Hot Topic and Hot merchandise. Rebel yelling against the angry white suburban mob. Tonight we are going in. Tonight we are going hard. We are going to light the sky illegal with our firecrackers. Kick glitter into the face of all the varsity perfects. The cool kids are going to burn tonight. Tonight we are tearing down our posters. Tearing up our lives. Tearing up these roads and tearing up these speeding tickets. Because it is senior year and everybody’s got a crew. Especially the young gay kids like me, the too sick for the doctor but to fabulous for hell. Tonight we turn our radios up so loud we have to scream, tonight when we hear that song we rock and ride again.”

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