Image by Luis Cortés on Unsplash.

The poet’s mistress (blindfolded and cast as Justice) bemoans her circumstances.

“Decades ago, a university professor put a spell on me, now I am as stone-cold as the barren Queen Guinevere. I am sure I know how he did it too, with one of those complicated word problems he made me memorize. I am sure because, we had a short-lived affair, because I told him if he didn’t leave his wife by the end of the semester, I was going to change my major.”

Now Lady Justice can only watch as imposters gather on the courthouse steps below. Beside-herself, as…

Brian Pilling

My poetry is inspired by my grandfather, Germoglino Saggio, an immigrant poet of some stature, by his beloved home in Sicily, and by his unyielding spirit.

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