What is Poet’s Dream?

The Dream

Poet’s Dream is one of the many poetry communities on Google+ … that is where the similarity stops.

Poet’s Dream was formed by three people (the owners) with a common dream, this was a dream to allow people to share their writing in an environment that encouraged interactivity and originality.

From its inception on May 17, 2015 the community has grown steadily and is closing in on 5000 members. It has been recognized that the size of a community is not what controls the quality of work posted. With this in mind, Poet’s Dream has been capped at 5000 members. By controlling the number of members in such a group, it allows the ideals of friendship and creativity to blossom. Capping does not mean that other people cannot partake. Personal invitations will be sent at different times to ask poets to join.

Interactivity and originality are the cornerstones for this community. Many other poetry communities become a dumping ground, with writers hopping and dropping through communities, no longer taking time to actively partake in activities or be involved in the community. This type of behavior is discouraged in Poet’s Dream.

Originality is required, if not demanded in all aspects; ranging from the use of images, music and the poetry itself. Owners and moderators constantly check and verify works — time consuming yes, but necessary. This is not about copyright issues like other communities, but more about a sense of ownership and to share our own thoughts, feelings and dreams without the need to use another’s work.

As with any poetry communities there are many individual opinions of what poetry is and is not, and although some of the work posted may not strictly be poetry, these individuals are not discouraged from posting and receiving feedback. On many occasions comments and suggestions are made with the hope that people will challenge themselves and strive to make their poetry more meaningful and engage others.

The Poetry

More so today, it is difficult to find known publishers to publish poetry. Even when one is found, there is a varying interest in the form of poetry; for example, prose poetry (free verse) and structured poetry. As a result many poets do not have the opportunity to be published.

Three times each year, the Poet’s Dream community will publish anthologies, free to all poetry lovers. At this point in time, two have been published. Both volumes under the main title of Dream Catchers appear on the Poet’s Dream website and Google Play Books, both volumes have been well received.

The popularity of these two items has prompted the idea of producing an online magazine of some description to feature more of the poets of Poet’s Dream on a regular basis. For this purpose, Medium has been chosen as the better platform to reach out and share poetry.

As we gather momentum in this project, you will find an excellent and exciting range of poetry, including image poetry from writers across the globe. We hope you will follow and join us.

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