The Visual Appeal

A picture is worth a thousand words … So they say, but not for these poets. Their words paint the picture. In this edition of Medium Magazine, we feature some of the poetry from our visual poetry category. Enjoy …

Shilpa Sandesh

Rose and Drowned

I was in heaven, 
Strolling in the arcadia of glistening stars,
Seeking my Moon,
I meandered from the spheres afar,

I opened my eyes,
And found myself, lost in the winding contours,
Pursuing you,
Like a sliding drop, midst lines of the palm,

I took off,
Catching a glimpse of myself, flying high,
I had sought you,
Like the plucked petal, merging back with the flower,

I fell,
Slithered and sinking in the earthly well,
Watching you watch me from above,
I drowned, wishing, hoping, anticipating …

© 2016 — Shilpa Sandesh

Joaquín Lourido

Fill with joy

I close my eyes
and I am deeply
fondling, kissing
wet at night …
But when opened in the morning
the solitude of my bed
strongly hits
leaving a bad taste.
Was it a dream of lovers?
Is the fog of delirium?
Is that what you remember?
The moans of the soul
furrow in the well
the crazy dreams.
My dream as a smile,
obsession with your touch …
Salt and fastidiousness of your kisses,
this path of happiness
Do you already vanished, beloved?
That way, beloved,
It is tattooed on the skin with blood
open to wish veins.
And if the kiss was a dream
induced wings of joy
then kiss me, kiss me
to quench the joy.

© 2016 — Joaquín Lourido

Leslie Caplan

When she died she left me
a hardbound journal
engraved with heart-shaped leaves
climbing up to a burgundy sky

It lay across my chest like
a purring feline
with soft jade eyes speckled forest pine

The curve of her words
yawned and stretched
like a silk sheet tossed in mid air
to land in slow motion
over the body of her last breath breathing
her poetry in mid song

Under the sliver of light
that reached inside my bedroom
I read the letters she wrote to the rivers
that moved below her slowing pulse
along the faint blue lines of tear-stained

She knew

And I could feel her hand trembling
as she inscribed the last of her life
into my eyes

my eyes


And when she wrote
she layered life into each word
and it came out like
a lit up moon against a black sky howling
through the draped, weeping branches
of banyan trees
and all their untold stories.

© 2016 — Leslie Caplan

Clarity Mapengo


In the mist of my mornings
heaven’s refreshing dew

In the dust of my days
earth’s cover unwrapped

In the pitch black nights
twinkling stars glowing

In the violent waves
beautiful shells cast ashore …

© 2016 — Clarity Mapengo

Lucky Triana

a candle light dinner

to prove i can be
romantic too …

honey, here’s a candle
to light your dinner

the power’s off
forget that fact …

© 2016 — Lucky Triana

Azliah Suhod


my light is my life 
the light of all light 
with name taken after being taken 
for a little light from the battle of light 
injured without means 
bleeding asking for you again

My light 
not just a Light of Redemption 
a light crossing seven skies 
a light bring vibration to Soul 
a light travel within your body 
within reach within me
this is my light
the key to light up my life 
a life withstanding

this is the light 
my light of resurrection 
traveling interlining 
between two lights of lives

this is my light 
a light living in my veins 
every vessel finding you
every breath breadth beneath 
awaits for the light 
my heart screaming 
this is my light 
the light of all lights 
guiding me to your planet 
taking me 
all I can see the sea of tears 
flooding & drowning both of us

My Light 
the light of Love 
guiding me closer to you 
teaching the teaching of needs 
between us between time 
between all what we wish & become 
as every wishes wash away pain & sorrow

my light is my need meeting yours
with the line of light for fate for love 
when the light meet as my light giing me more lights 
its the light for the Soul 
light you seek upon prayer’s 
the light belong to GOD 
with every blessing the the light to stay

© 2016 — Azliah Suhod

Saroja BS

Drops of Love

Lying in the cradle
enjoying the early morning
fesitivities around,
giving my ear to 
hush hush voice of my mother,
breathing cool air,
feeling the warmth of 
tender sunrays;
Oh! Wonderful moments
of one’s life!

Lifting my face,
to receive affectionate kisses
from everyone around,
most unforgettable period
of my life!

Lap of my mother,
real heaven on earth!
Lying there,
used to hear the tick tick
sounds of steady rain 
outside with great astonishment!

Mother’s melodius lullaby
still rings in my ears.
Amazing memories to recollect!

Those sweet memories,
the drops of love and affection
received in my infancy
has developed into an ocean
where those who are surrounding me
are receiving their share
from my heart!

© 2016 — Saroja BS

Sean Runyon

Empty are the spaces …

Your beauty is that of the running Brooks of Mount Gerizim 
 were the gods feast the upon The nectar of life

born unto the wind that you are my love It Is your freedom I crave like water when dried and parched

I grovel to taste the essence of your love upon my tongue 
It quenches my thirst when I am dry like a maple leaf in mid winters fall.

for you give unto me life upon The Gardens in which I walk upon

empty are the spaces to be without your love, empty are the spaces to be

© 2016 — Sean Runyon

Delilah Das

There’s Home

There’s a place somewhere I’ve never been,
There’s a house, a street I’ve never seen,
Where a little robin sings for me
So I may find my way.

There’s someplace somewhere I truly long,
A place called home where I belong,
A small backyard where I wrote my song
That I hope to sing one day.

There’s peace somewhere I’ve never known,
And a million memories of my own,
Where there’s a beating heart, there’s a hope
That I may find my way.

Though dismantled our world may be,
Where-on-earth you go is home to me,
When the day is here that I long to see,
All I ask for is to stay.

There are roads to go and dreams to see,
Yet it’s only home where I long to be,
Oh may the robin’s song soon find me
So I may find my way.

© 2016 — Delilah Das

Maristella Angeli

Sulle alte pendici

Alla settima luna
alzerai lo sguardo al cielo
bussando all’orizzonte
chiedendo di te

ripetutamente le stelle
rimireranno il tuo sguardo
in cerca dei sogni

risponderà il silenzio
il tuo cuore ascolterà il richiamo

si rifrangeranno i pensieri
su di una scala di cristallo
poggerai i tuoi passi

in ogni nota evocata
ricercherai la via
sulle alte pendici
afferrerai la tua anima

On the High Slopes

The seventh month
You get up at the sky
knocking on the horizon
asking for you

Repeatedly the stars
rimireranno your eyes
in search of dreams

respond silence
your heart will hear the call

they refract thoughts
on a crystal staircase
poggerai your steps

evoked in every note
ricercherai the way
below the summit
afferrerai your soul

© 2016 — Maristella Angeli

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