The Girl Whom I Love

How lovely Mumbai is!
Still dead is my colorful imagination
Only the thought of you can rouse it
You are the girl whom I think of so passionately
Even if you forget me,
I will remember you forever

How cozy the wind is!
Still depressed is my romantic heart
Only your presence can cheer it
You are the girl whom I adore so devotedly
Even if you neglect me,
I will cherish you forever

How serene the sea is!
Still agitated is my compassionate soul
Only your look can soothe it
You are the girl for whom I pray so sincerely
Even if you curse me,
I will bless you forever

How alluring the girls are!
Still dormant are my burning desires
Only your kiss can ignite them
You are the girl for whom I long so ardently
Even if you hate me,
I will worship you forever
Because you are the girl whom I love so eternally

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