Cole Hardman
Jul 13 · 1 min read

I completely disagree with this. You should comment your code as much as you feel like you need to. Your code is like an essay that, ideally, both a human reader and a the compiler can understand. The same essay rules you learned in freshman comp apply to writing good code. Break things down into groups, explain the bottom line up front, and cite your sources.

And then, after you’ve got your code well written and commented, go the extra step and DOCUMENT it. Even if it’s just a small function that will go into a larger project. I’ve never met a project manager or any engineer that didn’t appreciate someone who went above and beyond on documentation and/or commenting. If you run into a rare supervisor that doesn’t want you to take that time, they’re obviously not an experienced developer and it’s your job to inform them about the importance of documenting your work. Without that sort of documentation, everything you build will become a one-off pet project. Which I mean if you’re settled into your job and cynical, I guess you can always call that “job security.”

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