I am very disappointed with the way people are behaving at rallies these days. People think rallies are good places to be assholes. They believe violence is the answer. Well I am going to say it VIOLENCE DOES NOT SOLVE ANTHING. QUIT BEING SO FUCKING STUPID. The only thing you are achieving is 3 hots and a cot.

It makes me sad to hear about violent acts every night on the news. Just bomb the Fuck out of ISIS and do more thorough background checks on the immigrants coming into the USA. Stop allowing free passes for entry into the USA.

Why is it so damn difficult for me an American to get my social security straightend out? But illegal aliens get immediate access to welfare assistance? For crying out loud I have seen in Anchorage, Alaska minorities driving brand new Hummers. You cannot afford such a vehicle on welfare. Hell on the money I get every month I only get enough to pay my bills with nothing left to support me for the whole month. I go to the Food Bank every single month and between my dad and I we get $1,456 approximately each month. We have been unable to afford even the cheapest vehicle. We have to get around town on our pedal bicycles.

Please tell me how do these people who drive brand new Hummers/ gas hogs afford to do so on welfare?