My Life; by: Eric Simon Poff

I’m going to be starting my own blog. Toady is a good day to start I guess. Lol. Let me start by saying the weather outside is warm and beautiful. I have my cat at my side and he is holding my shirt sleeve with one claw. I am a cat lover who has owned approximately eight previous cats before my current buddy.

I haven’t been the creative type so please bare with me because I want to get my juices flowing. My life has been full of ups, downs and sideways. I was never in one school for more then a year. I was treated like garbage by my brothers and my own mother. Everyday I was bullied in school as well as at home. I went to jail at the age of just 12 years old. I was in foster care for two years. And ended back in jail because I was causing way too much mischief.

I spent all of my teenage years in a place called The State Training School For Boys in Eldora, Iowa. Just before my 18th birthday I went back home to my mom’s place. Two days later she kicked me out in the pouring rain with no money, no food, and no clothes other then the clothes on my back and told me to “get lost”.

To be continued…………..