With the YouTube advertiser exodus, now is a great time to subscribe to YouTube Red

As many people now know, many large advertisers have stopped advertising on YouTube, after it came to light that YouTube’s automated advertising algorithm was placing ads on controversial videos that the advertisers decided they did not want associated with their brands. It has become a full blown exodus, as of March 23, 18 major advertisers pulled their ads from YouTube including phone companies AT&T and Verizon, car makers GM, Volkswagen and Honda, as well as the entire government of the UK.

Articles on the Youtube advertiser exodus:
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Although many content creators see this as throwing the baby out with the bath water by the main stream media cherry picking videos that are controversial and demonstrating they have ads playing on them, as explained in a video by popular YouTube content creator Philip DeFranco:

Why MSM is Attacking YouTube and Why We Have to Do Better…

It has still caused major content creators to start to lose a great deal of money. YouTube content creators across the board have seen their revenue drop because of the advertiser exodus and are feeling the pinch. There are third party services like Patreon where YouTube creators can solicit donations from viewers to help fund their content creation. But, many complain that this isn’t a good enough method to make a living doing YouTube full time. Adblock has been another thorn in the side of YouTubers and if you want to support your favorite content creators, here is an article on how to whitelist your subscriptions or favorite YouTube channels within Adblock.

Having said that, now is a great time to subscribe to YouTube Red to help support your favorite content creators, as well as getting rid of autoplay advertising on YouTube. When you subscribe with YouTube Red, you also get Google Music, which is very similar to Spotify in that you can listen to your favorite artists ad free, listen to curated and automated radio stations based on what you like or different bands or genres, times of day, and etc. Google Music, I feel, is superior to Spotify in that you can upload up to 10,000 song files to the service (this, incidentally, is free for non-paying members, as well as their radio services). So, if you have an old CD you want to rip and put on Google Music you can do that. Google Music, like Spotify, also allows you to save music for offline play, incase you don’t want to incure data charges or are going on a road trip where there is no cellular data coverage. Google Music also has a family plan option for $15/month where 6 other family members can listen to Google Music on other devices. Both YouTube Red and Google Music are compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, most Smart TVs and a range of other devices.

You also get a service called YouTube Music. YouTube Music is similar to Pandora, in that it’s radio based off of music videos you’ve watched and like and has different stations based on genres and things of that nature. As with Google Music, it has an offline feature where you can save playlists, songs and stations to your mobile device and listen to them without incuring data charges. You can curate your stations by giving songs you like a thumbs up or thumbs down and it will automatically play music based on what you like with their algorithm, again similar to Pandora. It also has on demand play of YouTube music videos and if you are playing it in a radio type session, you can turn off the videos and just play the audio.

Finally, you also get access to YouTube gaming, which is a streaming service similar to Twitch, however I’m not sure what the subscription gets you when you are paying for it, as free YouTube users can already access it. I suspect it will prevent ads from playing prior to the video starting and ads played during a live streaming session. It also comes with the ability to use the optional app YouTube Kids, which has curated content for children that censors out controversial and questionable videos. Again, this is available for free YouTube users, so I’m not sure what the YouTube Red advantage is to YouTube Kids, again with the exception of not having to watch ads prior to the videos.

All of this is only $10 a month for a single user. YouTube Red allows content creators to continue to make money without you viewing ads based on the view time of the videos you watch. For a more detailed explanation of how YouTube Red works you can read the following article here: YouTube Help — Join YouTube Red
For an explanation of how it works on the content creators end, see this video here:

How YouTube Red Works

If you would like to try YouTube Red free for one month, visit https://www.youtube.com/red

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